About Artha Industrial Hill

About Artha Industrial Hill

Artha Industrial Hill is an industrial complex and business park located in West Karawang, West Java, Indonesia provide the infrastructure and facilities, such as: One Stop Service Assistance for Permit and License, Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Waste Water Treratment Plant (WWTP), Premium Electricity, High Quality LNG, High Speed Connection, BPKM KLIK Program, 24/7 Security Services, 45 m Rights of Way (ROW), Commercial and Business Center, Toll Roads and High Speed Train Access.

Artha Industrial Hill is a precious part of Artha Graha Network and PT Panca Terang Abadi.

Artha Graha Network (or “AG Network”) is the name that we use to describe the extensive network of companies, institutions as well as individuals, both affiliated and non-affiliated, which are bound together by a common vision. The network’s business scope expands across a wide range of industries and sectors throughout Indonesia. Property, Finance, Agro Industry and Hospitality sectors constitute as the 4 main pillars of our core businesses. Besides these 4 core businesses, AG Network is also diversifying into other lines of business including mining, media, entertainment, retail, IT & Telecommunication, and others.

Strategic Location and Easy Access
Artha Industrial Hill has a very strategic area that allow many easy access to the area as placed in the center of the business area.

Customer Satisfaction
One of AIH’s priorities in our services is our customers’ satisfaction. We strive to ensure that our customers have a positive experience with our services, and we are committed to providing an outstanding level of customer service. One of them is our function hall in our marketing gallery, which can be used by our customers to hold meetings.

Estate Maintenance Services
AIH will always maintain our public facilities, such as street lights, roads, cleanliness, and green spaces such as trees, bushes, and grass in our area. AIH is committed to the preservation of our environment, and we ensure that public facilities are maintained to the highest standards.

24/7 SGA Security
AIH makes sure our industrial area secured 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We warrant that there will be no extortion in our area since we have Security Group Artha (SGA) from our group, Artha Graha Network, that can also be an option for security facilities in tenant’s area.

Company Establishment, Obtainment of License, and Tax Advisory
AIH can provide consultation for customers, especially foreign customers that are not familiar with investing in Indonesia, to discuss their company’s establishment process, help in obtaining their company’s license, and also provide tax payment advisory.

Complimentary Pickup Services
AIH provides complimentary pickup services for our customers if they do not have any transportation to come and visit AIH’s site yet. This is a tremendous benefit for our customers, as it allows them to visit our site even if they do not have access to a car or other means of transportation.

BKPM License & Permit Service (KLIK)
AIH registered as one of industrial park that received KLIK facility from BKPM. All of tenant that already invested in AIH can immediately start the construction, while the construction permit (IMB) and environmental permit (RKL/RPL) will apply parallelly during the construction progress. This facility saves much time for tenant and faster to start up the production progress.