Artha Industrial Hill is The Best Industrial Complex and Business Park in Indonesia

Artha Industrial Hill Indonesia

Today I want to share with you some information about Artha Industrial Hill, or AIH for short. AIH is an industrial complex and business park located in west karawang, Indonesia. It is surrounded by six other industrial estates that are linked to each other by Trans Hexa Karawang Road, the main road that connects West Karawang Toll Gate to Artha Industrial Hill Area.

AIH is a strategic location for businesses that want to access the Jakarta metropolitan area, the capital of Indonesia and one of the largest urban centers in the world. AIH is only about 40 kilometers away from Jakarta, and it has easy access to the West Karawang Toll Road, which connects to the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road and the Jakarta Outer Ring Road. AIH is also close to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, the main airport in Indonesia, and the Tanjung Priok Port, the largest seaport in the country.

Artha Industrial Hill is the best industrial complex and business park in Indonesia.

AIH offers a variety of facilities and services for its tenants, such as:

  • A 24-hour security system with CCTV cameras and patrol guards
  • A fire protection system with hydrants, sprinklers, and alarms
  • A waste management system with a sewage treatment plant and a landfill
  • A power supply system with a backup generator and a substation
  • A water supply system with a water treatment plant and a reservoir
  • A telecommunication system with fiber optic cables and a data center
  • A transportation system with shuttle buses and taxis
  • A commercial area with banks, restaurants, cafes, shops, and hotels
  • A recreational area with a golf course, a lake, a park, and a jogging track

AIH is not only an industrial complex and business park, but also a green and sustainable development. AIH has been awarded the Green Industry Award by the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia for its efforts to reduce environmental impacts and conserve natural resources. AIH has also been certified by the Green Building Council Indonesia for its green building design and construction. AIH has implemented various green initiatives, such as:

  • Using renewable energy sources such as solar panels and biogas
  • Using energy-efficient appliances such as LED lights and air conditioners
  • Using water-efficient fixtures such as faucets and toilets
  • Using recycled materials such as bricks and tiles
  • Using organic fertilizers and pesticides for landscaping
  • Using electric vehicles and bicycles for transportation

AIH is not only a place for work, but also a place for living. AIH has a residential area that provides comfortable and affordable housing for its employees and their families. AIH has various types of housing units, such as apartments, townhouses, and villas. AIH also has a social area that provides educational and health facilities for its residents, such as schools, clinics, and hospitals.

AIH is an industrial complex and business park that offers a complete package for businesses that want to grow and thrive in Indonesia. AIH is a strategic location, a quality facility, a green development, and a livable community. If you are interested in joining AIH, you can visit their website or contact their marketing team for more information.

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